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From the experience gained during more than 50 years of business, Stambecco Srl is the leading manufacturer of knitwear for men and women.

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The production of Made in Italy knitwear

The making of each and every garment produced by the company is followed by highly skilled and qualified staff with many years of experience in the field of all-round knitwear.

From the experience gained in over 50 years of high-quality knitwear, the proprietary brand Lorena Benatti ® was born. Find out more and buy in the online shop.


A certified partner to develop your next men's women's collection

Stambecco is a knitwear manufacturing company that boasts numerous certifications useful in developing a brand: certification from the earliest production processes is the ideal key to creating high-end brands with an environmentally friendly footprint.

Technology at your service

By investing in technology, staff training and materials research for decades, the Stambecco company achieves numerous certifications nationally and internationally, presenting itself as a reliable and responsible partner in treatments and nature.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Who does our company cater to?

To all companies in the fashion industry that plan to develop men's and women's knitwear garments for the domestic and international markets.

What services do we offer to customers?

We take a 360-degree approach to everything related to the production of men's and women's knitwear, from the development of the first prototype to the realization of production.

What are the production minimums?

Production minimums depend on the project and the relationship that is established with the client; each project and production is handled in a customized manner.

In what time frame are we able to make the samples?

Being able to rely on the entire production cycle in-house, we are able to provide extremely fast service to our customers, which can range from 2 to 7 working days.

What types of processing are we able to perform?

In addition to weaving, which can range from fineness 3 to 18, we are also able to perform work on the knit such as prints, cornelly embroidery, and cold dyeing. Constant research of new techniques and applications to knitting are part of our DNA.

What types of machinery are present in the production department?

Our in-house men's and women's knitwear production department can rely on the latest generation of STOLL ADF knitting machines from gauge 3 to 18.

Will my prototypes be seen or used by other customers?

Absolutely not, the entire internal and external supply chain ensures maximum privacy and confidentiality in the development of prototype garments and productions.

What raw materials are processed the most?

We use fine materials such as mohair, alpaca, cashmere and merino wool for the winter season and organic cottons and viscoses for the summer season.

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